Monday, December 6, 2010

A Presence A Day: Homemade Scrubs: Day 1

I have been wanting to make a series of posts to show you and me how to make gifts AND keep the TRUE spirit of Christmas alive while doing it.  I admit, I have gotten caught up in this hustle-bustle-get-the-best-deal ( I am thrifty) and forget if anyone wants or needs this great-deal-for-me-who-cares-if-it-is-junk gift (can you tell I am wordy?).  The price was right and I bought it.  I want to step back, breathe in (then breathe out, of course), and really see God in this joyous happy season that we are in.

I will post a series of presence a day....

I read not long ago this statement, "Are you seeking the gifts or the GIVER?"  I had to answer that question with "seeking the gifts."  That revelation hit me hard, but I felt the Lord gently speak to my soul , "keep on child you are learning."  So, I am going to learn from my actions and have a presence a day.  While making each gift, be present in what I am doing.  Put love into the gift for whom it is for and keep God present in the present.  This is my journey, I hope you can learn from my doings!

This is a pic from Our Best Bites...great blog!

Day 1:  Homemade Foot/Body Scrub:

•1 Cup Brown Sugar
•1/2 Cup Olive Oil (If olive oil is too $$$, vegetable oil works too)
•1 tsp Vitamin E (I cut open a couple Vitamin E liquid gel caps and if you don't have it you can leave it out)
•1/2-1 tsp Vanilla Extract, or Peppermint Extract, or Strawberry Extract ( this is aroma for you so use or leave it out!)

Mix this together, and you have a homemade body scrub.  To use, take a shower then gently, in circular motions, rub the brown sugar scrub in.  The brown sugar exfoliates the skin so don't rub harshly.  The oil is added in to replenish the new skin that will be revealed after the dead skin is removed.  Rinse the scrub off, and then use body wash.  If applying to your face, test a small spot, keep on on for a minute, and rinse.  This scrub removes dead skin quickly so don't leave this on your face!

I like to use this scrub on my feet.  Rub the brown sugar scrub on your feet (gently, of course) for about five minutes.  This is great in pealing off all those wonderful layers of skin on the bottom of your tired feet.

Someone else had worn feet, more than we would ever have (that is saying a lot, isn't it?).  This someone is Jesus.  He walked a lot.  Not for exercise and not for leisure.  He didn't have himself in mind at all.  He had his thoughts and actions on us.  He was a perfect example of what to be.

 One evening, after supper ( The LAST SUPPER), he arose from the table, filled a basin with water, and began to wash the disciples' feet.  Now Peter didn't want to see Jesus do this because only slaves washed others' feet.  But Jesus told Peter that if he didn't wash his feet, Peter would have no part with him.  So Peter then says for the Lord to wash his hands and his head!  That Peter is a character.  He is like us a lot.  He wanted no part of this, but after Jesus spoke to him, he wanted everything clean!  Jesus then told them that he washed their feet as an example and he gave a charge for them to wash other's feet. 

Picture taken from Turn Back To God
So, what does this mean to wash other's feet?  Jesus is the greatest of us all, yet he lowered himself and washed his disciples feet....their feet that were sinful, dirty, marred, calloused.  He cleaned his disciples up.  He cleaned us up too!  He did this as an example and we can do this too.  He said that we could, and I believe him. Lower yourself to others, that Jesus may exalt you, in due time( not your time, when Jesus appoints the time!) 

So when you give this gift or when you make this gift, remember Jesus and what he did for us.  If he hasn't cleaned your feet yet, he can.  You may be like Peter and want no part of the Lord. But after he SPEAKS to you, you will want it all!

A verse to add to your brown sugar foot scrub:

John 13:14 If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.  Also, add instructions to the tag:  Shower, apply scrub in gentle circular motions from shoulders to feet, rinse, then bathe as usual.

God bless your Christmas!

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