Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Presence A Day: Homemade Paper Wreath: Day 4

Here is a very nice homemade gift that is made from magazines, newspaper, or any PAPER you have.  The magazine paper makes the wreath look more polished and shiny.  I know a great blog, T. Matthew's Fine Art, that knocks this project out of the park!

Am I right?  The tutorial is here!  

Speaking of flowers, lilies are discussed in the Bible.  The lilies don't toil nor spin and God goes on to say that Solomon was not beautifully arrayed as these lovely non toiling flowers.  Furthermore, God loves us more than the lilies, so if they don't toil or spin, why do we (of little faith) doubt that God would much rather clothe us?  That statement/question puts God's love for us into great perspective and the statement grounds me, settles me, and lets me know God will provide my and your every need (because of his great love for us, of course!).

YET, during the day, I get forgetful of this great assurance.  Why?  Because Jesus calls us "O YE OF LITTLE FAITH".  Why are we of little faith?  Because we are not doing what Jesus tells us to do in the next verse, "Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."  OH, I am not seeking FIRST the Kingdom.  When we seek God first, other elements of our futile existence fall into place ( or fall away, if you will).  I am O-Ye-Of-Little-Faith and I can't SEE spiritually God's provisions for me.  I need to glance at the world and GAZE upon the Lord. 

Enjoy your craft and as every rose in your wreath is different, think upon all of our differences, yet our Heavenly Father loves us all, through those differences!

God Bless Your Christmas!

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