Monday, May 3, 2010

Vinyl or Wallpaper? -Tree design for huge wall **IT IS WALLPAPER**

It has been many moons since I have posted. Moving, winter, homeschooling, church, and other sundry things have occupied me! Today I feel like posting! YAY!

I have completed many projects, just haven't nailed them down to a post yet. I am going to show you a very *inexpensive* way to use WALLPAPER to create a tree scene (or whatever you choose, you are only limited by your imagination!).

First, get a roll of wallpaper out with a pencil, just draw a tree trunk. Free hand makes it unique and your own. Hind sight, I should have just painted the wallpaper, then drew, in pencil, my tree design. Instead, I drew the tree, then cut it out, and then I painted it. This works but you have to be very careful when putting water on the other side to adhere it to the wall....some paint comes off or even runs on to the wall!

Next, after you draw, paint it any color you choose. I chose black.

LET IT DRY OR IT WILL RUN!!!!!!! Wait a good hour for best results. Wait 15 min. for worst results, that is what I did!

Run water on the glue side of the wallpaper, book it for two to three minutes (keep glue sides together to make it paste well), and then place it on the wall.

Some black ran off so I got a small paint brush and painted it. I chose wallpaper because when I want to change I will just remove it and the wall will be none the worse!

I also drew two limbs free hand and painted them. Next, I took black scrapbook paper and cut leaf designs out and I just taped them on the wall...I am so HIGH-TECH! I then put two black shelves on the limbs of the tree. I have birds sitting on them now, but in the pics I put picture frames....

This project was little to no-cost and I love my WALL! Happy crafting!

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