Friday, February 10, 2012

Me like to eat Valentines Monster Box!


It is soon to be Valentine's day and I am making a monster Valentine box for sweet son. First, I spray painted it. I used black.  I cut out a mouth for the monster.

 I then made a template from construction paper to go around the cereal box.  I did this free-hand on one side and then I traced the other side.  Leave a space in the middle of the template for the bottom of the cereal box.

Now cut teeth from felt and glue on the inside of the template.  I used felt because it is soft for little ones hands to put Valentines in.  Yes, I used some scraps I had that say GIRL but you won't see this when the box is complete!

Glue each side to the cereal box.  The little meany is coming along....

Every monster has to have a unibrow and one eye, right?

A little bad grammar from your monster and he is ready to eat a bunch of Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day!

Owl Always Love You Valentine Box

Hi owl all,

It is soon to be Valentine's day and I am making an owl Valentine box for dd.  First, I cut a cereal box in half and I spray painted it.  I only had Robin Egg Blue so that is what I used.

Next, I used an owl template to make an owl "frame."  Another template can be found here at Miri-d.

I then decorated it with scrapbook paper.  I made hearts for the eyes!

I cut out a long rectangular piece of cardboard to make a handle.  Then I glued the owl to the box.

All done and dd will love it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you build it they will come