Monday, September 20, 2010

Tutorial: make a birthday banner!

Hello crafters!  I have had two kiddos to have birthdays in September so I have had to use my birthday banner that I made from Katydid and kids blog tutorial.  The tutorial is here.

I started with these supplies: 
  • Scrapbook paper (I chose primary colors)
  • Cardstock paper that is neutral (I chose off-white/beige)
  • coordinating ribbon
  • hole puncher
  • scissors
  • glue stick (will dry evenly...don't use liquid is messy)
  • computer and printer
I used this font:  circus
just print these out and...

I then went to word and printed each letter in different colors.

...cut loosely around the letters

  I just cut loosely around the letters.
trace around a bowl
Now, take a regular size bowl and with a pencil trace around the backside of the scrapbook sheets that you have selected.  I was able to put two circles per scrapbook sheet.

Take a larger bowl and trace on a neutral cardstock or posterboard.  This will give your banner sturdiness and stability...and it looks darn cute!

The pictures are not very good quality...I have very dim lighting!
Hopefully it is clear enough to be able to see what to do!

NOW........the fun part..........

With an acid free (with acid free it will last through many more birthdays) glue stick, just start glueing each neutral circle to the colored scrapbook circle.  Then plop your HAPPY BIRTHDAY letters on too.....

You then hole-punch each side of the circles and then tie coordinating ribbon to each circle.....

This project takes so time but it is so cute to do and you will feel so accomplished!  I did!

I made this banner for my sweet nephew's party...everyone made comments on it and I was so glad!

Here is the finished project with the ribbon!  It turned out very cute!
I use it for everyone's birthday!  This was used for Noah and Abigail's birthday.

I also made pennants....that is another tutorial!
After their birthday's, I hang the name section in their rooms above their beds.  Kids really like personalization items!
Happy crafting!


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